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Pokemon Heart Gold/ Soul Silver – #2 Winner’s Path

There is a new path for the Pokewalker for Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. You can catch strong pokemon and rare pokemon too! There are Bronzors, Magikarp, Horsea, Munchlax and loads more!

The Winner's Path


Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Wi-Fi Event – #1 Yellow Forest

In Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver you can get a new route to go walking on the PokeWalker. It is made up of forest and Pikachu! You can catch rare Pikachu with Surf or Fly too!

Japan: September 18th 2009 to November 10th 2009, Japan: 16th February 2010 to February 28th 2010, America: April 1st 2010 to May 5th 2010, Europe: April 1st 2010 to May 5th 2010.

A route which you can use on the PokeWalker.